Traditional vs Digital Advertising

Advertising is essential for every aspect of a small business.  Advertisement medium plays an important role for both manufacturers and consumers to communicate with a large number of audiences. It is used to create huge brand value and encourage customers to know and buy those products.

By the following information’s the manufacturers will able to get more clarification about choosing the right advertising medium.

Best Advertising Medium for Small Businesses

  • News Paper Advertising Medium
  • Pamphlets Advertising Medium
  • Social Media Advertising Medium
  • Radio Advertising & TV Advertising Medium
  • Bulk SMS Advertising Medium
  • News Paper Advertising Medium:

For years, newspaper ads have supported many small businesses to reach large potential markets at a fixed cost. Nowadays it’s not reaching their audiences properly, because people don’t prefer to spend their time reading newspapers.

Typically newspaper ads are priced by four factors, the paper’s circulation, the size of the ad, the number of times the ad runs and when and in what section the ad performs. Due to these reasons, the manufacturers/advertisers think to spend their time and money in newspaper ads.

  • Pamphlets Advertising Medium :

Advertisers expecting the cheap and best quality advertising ideas or medium. Pamphlets ads are a little bit expensive as compare to newspaper advertisements. It is difficult to make a reach to the people because this form of advertising needs more manpower.

  • Social Media Advertising Medium:

Nowadays everyone is spending their time using social media’s. By using social media as an advertising medium the advertisers can reach a large number of people. It is one of the best online advertising Strategies but everyone is not having smartphones and much more awareness about it.

  • Radio Advertising & TV Advertising Medium:

Radio and TV is a very big advertising platform or medium. By using this medium the advertisers can reach a huge number of audiences but all the small business owners will not prefer this advertising medium. The high cost will be the major reason for not selecting Radio & TV advertisements.

  • Bulk SMS Advertising Medium:

 In these days everyone using mobile phones for many purposes and for each and every 15 min everyone view their mobile phone for any notification. For this, Bulk SMS is the best tool to bring better visibility and for the greater reach to the audience. Compared to all the advertising medium’s, Bulk SMS advertising is a cheap and best quality advertising mediums.

The Bulk SMS service gives a better clarification for the above-mentioned difficulties. Bulk SMS forms huge leads of small business and these approaches in saving time and money. Bulk SMS service is an under the control of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) so the users can’t send the promotions for their preferred time.

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