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5 Clever reasons to use Cloud Telephony for your business

Generating and maintaining the lead is very important for any businesses. The proper lead can increase the sale, profit and the business opportunity. In some cases the business peoples might fail to give a proper customer service to their clients like security, proper response etc … So it can bring a loss in their business. To avoid this kind of situations in your business you can use Cloud telephony service.

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Traditional vs Digital Advertising

Advertising is essential for every aspect of a small business.  Advertisement medium plays an important role for both manufacturers and consumers to communicate with a large number of audiences. It is used to create huge brand value and encourage customers to know and buy those products.

By the following information’s the manufacturers will able to get more clarification about choosing the right advertising medium.

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Missed Call alerts are one of the most widely used features. A missed call service helps the company to reply to its customers missed calls in a quick and efficient manner. Missed call marketing helps the customers to get connected to the company just by giving a missed call on the number provided by the marketing team. With missed call alerts activated on your account, you’re notified of missed calls via email as well as on your smartphone app in real time.

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What can Voice Broadcast do for my business?

Here’s an example.  Ram runs a mobile shop.  He wants to announce a  special discount offer for Aadi.  So he turns to Creative point and records a voice message.  “This is Ram’s mobile shop.  It’s almost Aadi Get 10% discount for all touch screen mobile phones Hurry!!! Offer is for the limited day!!! Ram’s customers are notified of his discount. After the special discount offer, Ram logs into his account and can see how many calls were attended, and how many enquires has received. These numbers help him decide the reach of the campaign. 

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