8 Effective Ways Retail Sectors can use SMS

SMS Marketing for Retail

Advertising is one of the major thing for the Retail based sectors. Nowadays the larger retail shops using the bigger advertising medium like television, radio etc… to reach their targeted audiences easy and quickly so that they can increase their sales and profit instantly and it’s cost so high .

sms marketing for retail

But what will the middle and the small retail shops can do for increasing their sales and profit?? The solution for this question is so simple they can use SMS Marketing.

SMS Marketing is the simplest, effortless, cost-effective and instant results getting advertising medium. By using it you can increase your sale, business and the valuable customer’s.Here are the 8 effective ways the retail sectors can use SMS:

Promotional alerts to the customer:

Make the customers feel valued by texting Birthday wishes, Anniversary wishes, special occasion wishes and you can also provide some offers in that particular dates for them.

New Product alerts:

Let your customers know first about the new products that have arrived in your shop. By updating this information’s regularly it will encourages the customers to buy / try the products.

Payment Confirmation alerts:

Providing Payment confirmation alerts through SMS, the customers can understand the details of what purchase they had and how much cost done for that etc… It will be very helpful for the customers as well as for the owners to avoid a bad conversation with them.

Delivery Notification:

If your customer has done an online purchase from your store you can send “Delivery Notification” for knowing that, the customer will going to get the product. It is a very beneficial process for the customer’s because if they are outside from the place they can comes to know about the arrival of the products.

Special Offers:

You can send your special offer information’s like “In which branch you are going to give, how long the offer is going to be etc….”It shows your visibility to your valuable customers and will increase your sales easily.

Loyalty SMS:

Loyalty program is the best approach for creating a long lasting relationship with the customers. You can give some rewards by providing some offer based on how long they have been a customer, how much money they are spending etc…This will definitely make the customers to visit again.

Providing PROMO code:

PROMO code is one of the important thing for the Bulk Buyers , so the customer’s can buy more things and it will also increase your sales. You can send the PROMO code to your customer’s through SMS easily.

Feedback Status:

After the visit from your shop the Shop owners can request feedback SMS about the product and the services. By receiving the feedback SMS from the customers the shop owners can understand their lacking facilities and services and it will also create goodwill among the customers.

retail text message marketing

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