SMS Marketing Facts

SMS Marketing is still alive??

Now a days , In all fields of products and services there is some cut-throat competition. Many companies are selling the Good Quality of products and service, but who are the winners? Those who sent the right message to the right target audience are winners.

SMS Marketing came to the market before the entry of Social media marketing and  it’s still holding some good position

Why SMS?

  • Every person in the world carries their mobile phone wherever they go. When their screen awakes with some pop-ups, they will check it. With this in mind, while you send your message via bulk SMS marketing, it will be viewed right and  there will be a probability to click some call to action
  • On other hand SMS Marketing is a cost effective way of marketing

 Engaging the customers:

  • Since the SMS has the High opening rate and Click through rate compared to other marketing campaigns, by sending right hyperlinks in the text will lead to some conversions
  • The main advantage of SMS marketing is direct and personal channel which acts as a better engagement tool
  • Customers are engaged when you give them what they want: a personalized experience that is relevant for them

Conversion rates:

  • The ultimate aim of the any marketing campaign is the conversion; goal of conversion rate varies for each business
  • When retailers use the right promotional messaging with a stronger call to action so their conversion rates are higher

For example: Our Summer sale Starts NOW. Stop by the shop this week and get 25% OFF on summer apparel and Accessories. STOCK is limited.

  • When you run a timely SMS marketing, then your conversion rate will be higher

 For Example: Hi John, Happy weekend!  Get 20% off in-store purchases on  this weekend. Show this text in-store and get 20% off your purchase.

Note: SMS Marketing holds the upper hand for achieving the higher conversion rates when compared to other marketing campaigns


  • Most of the people like and want to interact with brands and companies via text messages.
  • Sending bulk SMS with up to date offers and discounts to existing customers can turn out in repeat sales
  • When you introduce the new product or service in the market, SMS helps you to get feedback about the product or service. This will lead to better customer support for your business
  • SMS is the easiest way to attract target audience and 45% of SMS campaign are ends in the Positive ROI which is more than other campaigns

Note: Collect the data and analyze them and create your buying personals. These are the necessary steps you need to follow for better and successful  SMS Marketing Campaigns

Finally, conclude

When combining the SMS Marketing with other marketing campaigns will guarantee your better results. SMS is the easier and better way to get marketing success. 

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