Promotional SMS Coimbatore

Creative Point is the best & trusted Promotional SMS service provider in Coimbatore, India. Promotional SMS service is commonly used for marketing the business to your clients or customers. Nowadays,it is the best marketing strategy .We have very good experience in the aspect of SMS Gateway, HTTP API, XML API, SMPP servers, Bulk SMS Software, Short code and long code SMS.

We are providing the regular business engagements to our valuable clients through our Promotional Bulk SMS Service price in a cost-effective way. Creative point is the business persons trusted & low cost promotional bulk SMS provider in Coimbatore.

Many business people were having the doubts like “Is it possible to place the company (or) brand name in Promotional SMS”??
“How can I send my company (or) brand name in Promotional SMS”??

The answer for the above questions is “Yes, It is possible and also you can keep your company name (or) product name (or) service name in Promotional SMS. As well as the sender can use their “Sender Id” without disclosing their mobile number while campaigning.

Note: One time password (OTP) option is not available in Promotional SMS.
For further doubts about the Promotional SMS Service you can check the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section below.

Why Promotional SMS Service?

  • Promotional SMS – New product launches, discount, introductory offers, deals etc
  • Sales Promotions
  • Thematic Ad Based promotions
  • Interactive SMS
  • Brand Promotions
  • Event Promotions
  • Location Based Marketing SMS Promotions
  • Loyalty Programs


  • Text messages can be sent to all Indian mobile numbers.
  • No fixed templates.
  • 9.00 am to 9.00 pm service with Instant delivery of the message.
  • SMS cannot be send to DND numbers.
  • Send SMS in Tamil, English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and other regional languages as well along with the help of Personal Computer (PC).
  • 160 Characters per SMS.
  • Schedule SMS for future.
  • HTTP API Available in different programming languages.
  • HTTP API is Compatible with any type of Website, Software, and programming language.
  • Clear and Live Report with DLR. All reports are 100% accurate.


  • Easy to reach the targeted audience.
  • Cost – Effective and instant delivery messages.
  • Conversion rate is high.
  • Drive more awareness about the products or services.
  • Easy to measure the AD Value.


Promotional Bulk SMS Pricing…


No. You need only a computer with internet.

Beware about these bulk sms service. Actually operators(voda, airtel) charge approximately 11 to 13 paisa + service tax Per sms. Then how will they give you at 8 paisa per sms. They have very simple calculation. They can not deliver approximately 30% – 40% sms but report will show delivered. This technology is called “sms cutting”.

Yes, you can send your campaign messages in your sufficient language.

You can send one lakh of SMS in a Single click.

Yes you can. We have ready made script for sms panel.