Missed Call Service

Missed call Alert service is a business tool for generating quality leads. Missed call service automatically get disconnected in a ring & hence the customer is not charged and they will also get notification through MISSED CALL ALERT SMS Gateway (optional). We provide Virtual Mobile Number (VMN), Landline number or Toll free number for this service. Our Missed call alert service is completely automated in web based platform.

Missed call services can be widely used for many purposes & depending upon the requirements such as OPT-In Data building, voting, customer care call back service, verifying mobile numbers, user registration, information pulling, coupon code alerts etc.

Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol is used to send and receive messages in the telecommunication industries.

Creative Point is the top Missed Call Alert  service Company & the Provider in Coimbatore providing the best & quality Missed Call Alert service to the customer’s to generate more business leads at low cost.

Industries Using Missed Call Services :

  • Education Sectors (Schools & Colleges )
  • Banking & Financial Sectors
  • Construction Sectors (Builders & Developers)
  • Real Estate
  • Business Sectors
  • Automobile Industries
  • Health Care

Why missed call alert services ?

  • Cash on delivery verification
  • Members Registration
  • Voting Service
  • Consumer Survey
  • Web registration Authentication
  • Call Back Service
  • Location Based Database OPT-In Generation
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Information pulling

How Does The Missed Call Service Works??


Provide ad/ promotions related to your missed call number to the customer’s.


After the customer’s contacts using that provided “Missed Call number” the call will automatically disconnected. The customer will not be charged for that call.


After the call gets disconnected the lead will automatically generated and exports into a Google Spreadsheet.


Finally the automatic call (or) message can be use to notify the customer after they gave a call using the “Missed Call number”. This final step is an optional one.

Advantages Of Using Missed Call Alert Service:

  • Lead Generation
  • Cost – Effective
  • Targeted audience
  • Increasing interactivity between the customers