Long Code SMS

SMS Longcode is a 10 digit Virtual Mobile number which is easy to remember provided by a network operator. Generally Longcode is useful for sending TWO WAY SMS it can be SMS Polling,SMS Voting,Exam Results,contests,Survey,Lucky draw winners,Bids,Product enquiries,Business Lead Generation at affordable cost effective and easiest way.We provide longcode dedicated,shared number and circlewise numbers.

In SMS Long code we can use it in two ways one is pulling information from the server and other is posting information to the database server.Eg:9543289933

Revenue sharing cannot be done for incoming hits on Long code mobile number.SMS subcriber will be charged as per their mobile SMS Tariff depends upon individual mobile number postpaid/prepaid plans.

Long Code SMS Features:

  • Automatic welcome message
  • Web based control panel
  • Quick MIS Reports
  • Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • Instant SMS Auto reply
  • Post URL method