Bulk SMS for School

4 Simple Techniques To Increase Your College and School Admissions

Nowadays there is an increasing number of colleges, schools, and universities. It forms a huge competition to increase admissions.

The Education Institutions promoting their college or school through pamphlets, giving ads in the newspaper but all these ways of promotions might not give a successful result for their admissions because there might be a lack of reach in it.

Bulk SMS for School

 In these days everyone using mobile phones for any purposes and for each and every 15 min everyone is viewing their mobile phone for any notification. So, Bulk SMS will be the best tool for better visibility and gives a greater reach to the audience.

 The Bulk SMS service gives a better clarification for this kind of difficulties. Bulk SMS service approaches in saving the time and money for the educational institutions and covers a large number of audiences in complicated areas also.                   

By providing this information the college and schools will get more trust and there will be a possibility of increase admissions and the information’s are:

  • Institution Facility Information’s
  • Placement details
  • Scholarship Details
  • Transport Facility  Information’s 
  • Institution Facility Information’s
  1. Attract the right students by showcasing your university/ School facilities and courses through Bulk SMS. It formulates the frequent calls from the right students or parents to inquire about the institution details.
  2. The Bulk SMS Software can send details of institution facilities to lakhs of the audience in a single click.
  • Placement Details
  1. Bulk SMS conveys the college placement details to the student & parents.
  2. It conveys constant Tie-up to the reputed multinational company’s details to the students & parents.
  3. This Approach formulates the trust & brand value of the institutions.
  • Scholarship Details                     
  1. Scholarship plays an important role in college and school admissions because if the applicable Scholarship students might not know about the availability of the Scholarship of that institution it might lead to an absence in admissions.
  1. Using the Bulk SMS Service the institution can provide that information properly.
  • Transport Information’s
  1. By providing the transport facilities information through “Bulk SMS” it will significantly improve the efficiency of the institution transportation value.

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