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SMS Marketing Facts

SMS Marketing is still alive??

Now a days , In all fields of products and services there is some cut-throat competition. Many companies are selling the Good Quality of products and service, but who are the winners? Those who sent the right message to the right target audience are winners.

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sms marketing for restaurants

SMS Marketing for Restaurants|Text marketing for Restaurants

How the SMS marketing Can Strengthen Your Restaurant sales?

Before Going to the Topic we must know about the SMS Marketing!!

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is Sending of promotional or transactional bulk messages to set of people’s for Branding or Marketing purposes using text messages(SMS).SMS Marketing for restaurant leads to Promotion’s because “Average number of times a user checks their phone is nine times an hour”. You can take advantage of customer’s attachment to their mobiles to boosting your business with Bulk SMS Marketing.

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5 Easy ways to increase the sales of Automobile industries through Bulk SMS

5 Easy ways to increase the sales of Automobile industries through Bulk SMS


Vehicles have become one of the basic necessary things for almost everyone. Most probably there will be at least more than one vehicle will be in a house either it can be a car or bike. Not only the younger generation people’s is having the craze on cars and bikes.

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How to integrate SMS API in your PHP Web Application

Integrating SMS API in your PHP Web Application

API stands for “Application programming interface”. It is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. SMS APIs are used to allow web applications to easily send and receive text messages through logic written for standard web frameworks.

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Uses of Cloud telephony for the business

5 Clever reasons to use Cloud Telephony for your business

Generating and maintaining the lead is very important for any businesses. The proper lead can increase the sale, profit and the business opportunity. In some cases the business peoples might fail to give a proper customer service to their clients like security, proper response etc … So it can bring a loss in their business. To avoid this kind of situations in your business you can use Cloud telephony service.

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Uses of Bulk SMS in Retail Sector industries

8 Effective Ways Retail Sectors can use SMS

SMS Marketing for Retail

Advertising is one of the major thing for the Retail based sectors. Nowadays the larger retail shops using the bigger advertising medium like television, radio etc… to reach their targeted audiences easy and quickly so that they can increase their sales and profit instantly and it’s cost so high .

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12 Effective ways to increase your salon and spa business

Salon Text Message Marketing

Salon and Spa is one of the major developing business industries now in India. As a result of the developments and the profitability many people were started to think of to own a Salon or Spa, either it is a “smaller one or a big one”.

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Traditional vs Digital Advertising

Advertising is essential for every aspect of a small business.  Advertisement medium plays an important role for both manufacturers and consumers to communicate with a large number of audiences. It is used to create huge brand value and encourage customers to know and buy those products.

By the following information’s the manufacturers will able to get more clarification about choosing the right advertising medium.

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4 Simple techniques to increase your school & college admission

Bulk SMS for School

4 Simple Techniques To Increase Your College and School Admissions

Nowadays there is an increasing number of colleges, schools, and universities. It forms a huge competition to increase admissions.

The Education Institutions promoting their college or school through pamphlets, giving ads in the newspaper but all these ways of promotions might not give a successful result for their admissions because there might be a lack of reach in it.

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The Election campaigns (manifesto) is one of the reputed plans from political parties at the time of political campaigns to get more support from more people. Election manifesto process is not an easy thing to reach the people.

Bulk SMS is the best choice for election campaign promotions & also it is a good marketing strategy to promote & reach their election manifesto quickly & effectively. It gives a better solution to these difficulties in a low cost price.

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