5 Easy ways to increase the sales of Automobile industries through Bulk SMS


Vehicles have become one of the basic necessary things for almost everyone. Most probably there will be at least more than one vehicle will be in a house either it can be a car or bike. Not only the younger generation people’s is having the craze on cars and bikes.

5 Easy ways to increase the sales of Automobile industries through Bulk SMS

Every year all the automobile companies releasing their vehicles with some new features like appearance, speed, functionality etc… Even if there is an increase in the price of petrol (or) diesel the people were ready to use it. So the demand and productivity will be always high in the automobile industry. As long as high in the productivity there is also having a strong competition’s among the automobile industries to increase their business and brand value.

Automobile industries have to choose and use the best marketing strategies to promote their products and services to standout from the competition. In it “Bulk SMS” is one of the effective, cost efficient & a great result driven marketing tool.

Bulk SMS is a service that allows the business peoples to send their business promotion SMS to large number of recipients (up to 1, 00,000) in a single click through the web based portal server.

Do you know “For what are all the purposes they can use Bulk SMS”?? Then let’s get some worthy information’s about it.

Automobile industries can use “Bulk SMS” service for the purpose of promotions and providing information’s about their products and services.

Benefits of using Bulk SMS service:

  • Promotional Messages :
  1. Details about the new launches: Information’s about the new launches to make the audience to aware of the new launches.
  2. Discounts and offers on festival time: Providing discounts and offers is one of the best marketing strategies for all type of business. Discounts and Offers through “Bulk SMS” will definitely lead a better business conversion.
Sample text message: On this auspicious occasion, book your favorite Car / Bike and bring year full of happiness.
Hurry! Attractive SPOT BOOKING OFFERS* available till (Date) For details contact-xxxxxxxxxx. *T&C applicable.
Sample text message: Dear Customer, Thanks for booking a new xxxxxx Car / bike.We strive to deliver you truly a premium experience. For any Complaints/Queries/Feedback/ please reach us on:xxxxxxxx
  • Customer Service Messages (or) Transactional Messages:
  1. Remainders on payment, service and insurance due: Through Bulk SMS we can send the due remainder messages to make the customer to remember about the due payments.
  2. SMS alerts to customers on service completion and service camps: Service completion helps the customer to know about the status on the vehicle’s service and also could help the customers to know where it is happening? – When a special service camp prepared outside.
Sample text message: Dear Customer your vehicle TNxxxxx is due for PAID SERVICE is on (Date). For bookings Ct:xxxxxxx
  • Feedback Messages: Feedback messages from the customers help to know about the services they provided as well as to know any need of improvement in their customer services.
Sample text message: Greetings from xxxxxx,Please rate us EXCELLENT for feedback call from xxxxx. For support, contact (Number) Thank you.
  • Sending wishes: Sending wishes on some special occasions like birthday, wedding, festival times etc… that helps to create a good loyal relationship between the customers’s.
Sample text message: Dear Name,(Company Name) Wishes you a Happy Birth Day.
  • Mobile alert for security: People are expecting safe and security in the vehicles they are buying. By using Bulk SMS service with your vehicle theft application the customers can receive messages when others try to break the lock.
Sample text message: Bike / Car Alarm Triggered!!! Help me I have been Stolen Find me.
  • Lead Generation: Generating leads is very important for any type of business. By providing the proper promotions and information’s through Bulk SMS will bring more leads and business conversions.

Not only the Automobile industries the auto mobile dealers can also make use and get benefits from “Bulk SMS” services by providing the above mentioned services.


Automobile industries and dealers will be in a great prosperity till the need & craze on vehicles will over. Bulk SMS is one of the best marketing tools to give effective instant results in the business within a short period of time.

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  • Shivangi | Aug 17,2019

    Thanks for sharing !!
    Bulk SMS is highly used by automobile companies to stay connected with clients. It shares important information on real time with the large public. It help you to holds your customers and makes their trust on you.

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