5 Clever reasons to use Cloud Telephony for your business

Generating and maintaining the lead is very important for any businesses. The proper lead can increase the sale, profit and the business opportunity. In some cases the business peoples might fail to give a proper customer service to their clients like security, proper response etc … So it can bring a loss in their business. To avoid this kind of situations in your business you can use Cloud telephony service.

Uses of Cloud telephony for the business

Cloud telephony is a technology that takes your business phone system on cloud. By using this technology the business people as well as their customers will also get benefits. Smart IVR, Missed dial, Click to call, Super toll-free number, CRM Integration, Automated SMS and Voice notifications, Managing through the mobile app, Reports & Analytics, Geographical insights are some of the features of Cloud telephony. Here are some clever reasons for using cloud telephony to your business.

  • Split the calls: All the calls will be received through a single server; so it will automatically reach the right free agent based on the customer’s service need.
For e.g. In a company there will be different kinds of departments like sales, designing, customer support etc…By
using the Cloud telephony service the customer’s can easily speak to the required department and they can fulfill their need.
  • Call record: It is one of the best and beneficial options available in cloud telephony. By enabling this option the receiver (employee) can track the history of the every customer so it helps to the employee to response properly. It also helps to the higher officials in the company to track the performance of the employees and the main thing you will not miss any lead.
For e.g. A Customer/Client called to your company for a need of your service and if the same customer called you again to know the status of the service they asked. The employee can easily recall the conversation with that customer earlier and the employee can proceed their conversation from there.
  • Toll-Free number & calls: Toll free number is nothing but a number given by the companies to make free-calls to their customer’s to clarify the requirements of them. It makes your company unique in the field of fulfilling the requirements of your customer’s. Toll Free calls makes the customer’s to feel free while speaking with the customer support without having the fear of call cost. The most useful thing about the Toll Free number is “It can be used from anywhere in India”.
For e.g. A Customer bought a product/service from a respected company and the customer needs a lots of clarification about that product/service and the customer might feel hesitate to make a call because of the call cost. In case of this situation that company might lose that customer in the lack of conversation.
  • Flexible numbers: In Cloud telephony you can add the (n) number of numbers in the server as a receiving number for a single call.
For e.g. For the sales team each and every enquiry call is important for their business development. By using cloud telephony, the numbers of all sales persons can be added as a single number. If any customer calls to that number that call will be received by all the sales persons, so if one sales person is busy with the another customer and the next sales person can attend the call. It breaks the value of missing the lead.
  • 24/7 service: Giving customer support for 24/7 to their customers might difficult for all the companies but it is possible when using cloud telephony technology.
For e.g. If any customer calls to the sales team or customer support team when no one was there, the call will automatically record. After they saw the recorded message they can quickly contact that customer. It shows that how much important they are to them.

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