Why you should use SMS to communicate with your customers ?

 The Bulk SMS is a mobile messaging service that lets business professionals send a large number of messages to the mobile phone terminals through “ Servers “.

Bulk SMS service provider make refreshment in marketing. It is often used by marketing companies, Schools, Hospitals, Colleges, Media companies, banks, Enterprises, etc.. for conveying information to customers such as discounts, Offers, freebies, and official communications.

Today each and every person carrying their mobile phone all the time it means you can reach to them through SMS at any time. Same time the bulk SMS service provider giving best results in marketing.

Communicating through SMS is very simple, fast as well as very reliable. Sometimes we are unable to reach a person through a phone call, for such circumstance a simple SMS might convey the information and you can create the log as well and you don’t want to waste your time.

SMS is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing, Billing & ERP Software receipts, Enquiry from the website, Offers and also for sending information to their Client. Bulk SMS Service used in many sectors for different kinds of purposes and some of their uses as follows :

1. Banks and Financial Institutions

Text messaging is an efficient and time-saving tool for banks. Text alerts, auto-responders, and mobile notifications are easy to set up. Here are some uses in which bank and financial institutions can use Bulk SMS for their services :
• Account Balance ( Push-Pull both ).
• Credit Card Process.
• Cheque Process.
• Loan details.
• Interest / Exchange rates.

2. Automobile Dealers

Automobile Industry is experiencing an increasing and rapid growth that encompasses the engineering, design, technological development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales and maintenance of automobiles. The Dealers can easily reach their customers through Bulk SMS and some of the benefits are :
• Booking Confirmation.
• Special offers for promotions of new models to customers and prospects.
• Service reminder.
• Insurance expiry related alerts.
• Warranty expiry related alerts.
• Annual maintenance contract remainder.

3. Logistics and Courier

Logistic and courier companies using SMS services for mobile marketing and customer engagement. Many companies replaced email, fax, and phone communication with mobile text messaging. some of the benefits as follows :
• Customer Retention.
• Cut Cost.
• Tracking Information to intermediaries.
• New Schemes / Change in tariffs.
• POD Status.
• Billing / Payment reminder /acknowledgment to intermediaries.

4. Educational Institutions

The Education sector can get benefit greatly from using bulk SMS service, it’s a great way to build a relationship with students, parents, and teachers. Here are the ways the receivers can get benefit from SMS messaging service in the education sector.
• New student admission
• Exam dates / important deadlines.
• Parent-teacher meetings announcement.
• SMS Messages for weather alerts and emergency alerts
• For regular classroom courses.

5. Hospitals / Clinics

SMS technology is the easiest and most efficient way to communicate with patients. Bulk SMS is a very useful marketing and information sharing tool for both Hospitals and Clinics. The key benefits are :
• Annual Preventive health check-up reminders.
• Doctors and Patients informed about OPD appointment schedule.
• Medical reports through SMS.
• Feedback Process from the Patients.

6. Travel Agencies

Tours and travels Agencies using SMS marketing to keep their customers informed and updated about their latest services and offers. The benefits of travel agencies are :
• Travel Plans and itineraries.
• Last minute changes/delays.
• Information relating to the status of bookings in hotels, airlines etc…

Not only these sectors other sectors also getting lots of information and business through Bulk SMS service.

You can make use of your reliable Low-Cost Bulk SMS Provider In Gandhipuram to boost your business productivity.


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